Breeding, Production and Extraction

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The production system being adopted is based on the simple cultivation of an agricultural land which is specifically fenced and organized to separate the reproduction area from the fattening one.

The production cycle

The cycle is on a yearly basis. It starts towards the beginning of spring when the reproducers are released in the reproduction enclosures. The subjects being released are 20 per square meter.

After mating, which may span from a few weeks to a month, the snails lay their eggs in the nests carved in the soil at the foot of the trees. After about a month, the eggs hatch and the new born begin to feed. During the winter season, they build a den in the ground and enter a period of stasis.

Theadult reproducers which are still alive are then collected to undergo the drool extraction process and subsequent purging before sale.During the autumn-winter season, soil preparation is done through disinfestation, deratting and fertilization.

How it starts

Before the spring season begins, the fattening enclosures are newly sown to welcome the young snails awakened from the winter rest. Meanwhile, the reproduction enclosures are prepared to allow the brood snails to start a new cycle.

No chemical product(such as fungicides or selective soil herbicides) is used on the vegetation born in the pens. Fertilization is ensured by the excrements of molluscs, which remain in the ground and are not removed, massed or transported.

The natural cycle of nitrogen is therefore fully implemented in the soil itself. No breeding sewage or manure accumulation is produced as occurs in zootechnical farms. No odors, noises, piles of liquid or solid manure are produced: the whole process simply follows the natural cycleof snail life, just like it has always been in nature.

Where does the extraction process take place?

The extraction process takes place inside a machine: the snails undergo repeated cycles of ozonated water spraying. This mixture allows snail sanitization while stimulating mucous secretion.
The slime is then immediately filtered and microfiltered using sterile discs, so as to obtain pure drooland ensure the delivery of a high-quality finished product.

The ozonenaturally converts back into oxygen once its action is over without leaving any trace in the secretion.
This extraction method is designed in order not to stress the snails: indeed, after slime extraction, the snails have a rest period before coming back in the farm. Subsequently, they might undergo further extraction processes.

Our production process requires that snails are cleansed with drinking water both before and after slime extraction, to ensuring mollusk maximum care.

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BLglobalis the company dealing with the extraction of pure snail slime of the genus Helix Aspersa Muller.

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